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Clip Type Petit Desk LED Table Lamp


Name: Cat Clip LED Table Lamp
Rated Voltage: DC5V-0.6A
Rated Power: 2-4W
Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
Product Weight: 230g
Package Weight: 300g (Including box)
Package Size: 221*132*80mm battery charging, durable.

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1. The grip strength is strong and the clip opening mouth is wide. Suitable for all kinds of scenes, desktop, bedside, bookshelf, crib, etc.
2. The light is comfortable and not easy to fatigue. The neutral color temperature of 4000K is as comfortable as natural light. It is not easy to feel tired after reading for a long time, and the concentration is more concentrated.
3. The large-area illumination area is large and clear without ghosting. Round light-emitting area, high-quality LED lamp beads, professional lens optical anti-glare structure, showing soft natural light, giving you a comfortable visual experience.
4. High-performance processor that saves power and does not heat up. Built-in lithium


White, Pink, Green


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