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Bath Scrub Perfume Body Wash


Images Fruit Extract Bath Scrub Perfume Body Wash SPA Shower Exfoliate Cream Men Women 300ml
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  1. When taking a shower, washing the body with a shower gel can help the skin to open the pores and remove the sweat, dust, and dirt on the surface of the skin.
  2. However, the shower gel has limited cleaning power and cannot remove dead skin. At this time, using a scrub can help Skin is thoroughly cleansed.
  3. As a cleansing and moisturizing product, the shower gel can simply remove the dirt on the skin surface, help the skin to open the pores, so that the scrub can be better absorbed.
  4. At the same time, the shower gel can hydrate the skin and make subsequent The scrub is not so dry to use. Images Bath Scrub Gel improve skin condition from top to bottom.

Kiwi, Lemon, Red Cherry


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